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Silk Flowers?

Is there such a thing is a good name brand silk flower?

Im considering making my own bouquets and possibly using fake instead of real flowers, because some fake arrangements i have seen photograph really well, and almost look real. And the main thing im concerned with is how the fake flowers will photograph?

Silk Flowers?
I%26#039;m getting fake ones. I think it%26#039;s ridiculous to spend so much money on something that is

1) Going to die soon

2) Doesn%26#039;t hold any real significant value to me

I%26#039;m getting mine at Michaels. You should also check out JoAnns. Just shop around and pick up the ones you like best.

A little hint, to kill that %26quot;fake%26quot; look, spray them with hairspray. It tones down the %26quot;silky%26quot; look.

Reply:Why not photograph real flowers instead of ones that %26quot;look almost real%26quot;? A case can be made for people with allergies, or people who want to save/display their bouquets after the wedding. But if you are concerned about how they look and how they photograph, nothing will be better than the real thing.
Reply:I made my own bouquets (for me %26amp; MOH) - I found a %26quot;holder%26quot; from JoAnn Fabrics that looks like real flower stems and I bought the flowers from - go figure - Wal Mart. They look great %26amp; I%26#039;ve gotten quite a few compliments on them.

That said, we%26#039;ll be getting the corsages %26amp; boutonnieres from one of the local grocery store florists. I think the key thing to DIY is to try it out early, so that if you don%26#039;t like the results, you can find the money %26amp; a vendor to do it another way.
Reply:I used silk flowers for my wedding and I am so happy I did. Not only did I save a ton of money by not using fresh flowers, but now I can keep my wedding bouquet for the rest of my life. My wedding pictures turned out fine with them. One of my sisters (who know I used silk) asked me later if I changed my mind and used fresh!!
Reply:I had silk flowers in the center pieces at my wedding. they looked great, and you can%26#039;t tell that they are not real in the photos. I think I bought them at Joann Fabrics. One of your local florists might have them too. Good luck. I hope you wedding turns out beautiful!!
Reply:I think real ones look best. I got mine wholesale and had my aunt (who used to be a florist) help put together everything. One thing, I had a big wedding - I invited about 450 people. So, we had lots of flowers. It was stressful putting them all together - there were about 8 of use that helped arrange them (you have to de-thorn them, de-leaf them, cut them, put them in water, etc.) We also were lucky enough to have access to a big refrigerator at a school cafeteria to keep them from wilting. But, we got LOTS of flowers at a really good price. For what we did, if we had hired a florist to do the same, we would have paid thousands of dollars. We also picked chrysanthemums from the yard and put those in little bowls at the reception. And, my aunt from Washington brought calla lillies. For the boutinneres and corsages, we picked leaves and other plants from outside and added these to them. If you have a smaller wedding, it may not be hard to do this. I got married in Nebraska, and they shipped the flowers from California.

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What flowers should I get for the cast of girls in the musical production that I'm in?

I am the lead in my community theater%26#039;s production of %26quot;Oklahoma!%26quot; and I would like to get all of the girls in the cast a flower. I need flowers for 13 chorus girls and then I%26#039;d like to get something a little nicer like a small boquet for 4 of the girls with bigger parts. Single red roses are rather expensive..5 dollars from what I%26#039;ve found. I%26#039;m having trouble shopping for single flowers online and finding out my options and the pricing. I%26#039;d like to get them something special and unique, but I am on a bit of a budget and there are a lot of girls. Also ideas for the boquets that wouldn%26#039;t be too pricey. Should I get something for the director, costume ladies, and musical director as well? I was thinking maybe just cards for them, and we do give a group gift. Any ideas are appreciated.

What flowers should I get for the cast of girls in the musical production that I%26#039;m in?
From what I%26#039;ve heard the tradition is to give red roses after the first performance. A single rose is sufficient for the chorus girls, a nicer bouquet for the other cast members consisting of a rose and another less expensive flower. You can buy fresh flowers in grocery stores and design your own bouquets, for the single roses, I%26#039;d suggest you get a dozen roses and separate them. The only place I%26#039;ve ever heard of anyone charging $5.00 is in restaurants when there is a flower girl/seller walking around and that is highway robbery. Please just go to Albertson%26#039;s and talk to the clerk at the flower section, they also sell balloon bouquets.
Reply:Well, carnations are good, but try shopping around at local flower shops. A single flower is good for the choral members, and if you think you could do it, get a couple other types of flowers also, and either a cheap vase or ribbon,string, and tissue paper, to make your own boquet.

To make your own boquet, hold the flowers, and arrange them carefully in your hand. Then get someone to tie the string carefully around the middles of the flower stems, while they are all grouped together. Now take the tissue paper, and gather it around the flowers, (with the bottom of the paper extending just slightly past the string) , so that it looks kind of like it does on the store bought boquets, and finish of by having someone tie the ribbon fairly tightly around the tissue paper to hold it. Sit the flowers in water, and break a leg!

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Do it yourself wedding flowers!?

Hi All,

I am getting married in June of %26#039;08. I pretty much do not like my florist and have tried to work with him several times. Soooo, I%26#039;ve decided to order the flowers myself and do everything myself besides the centerpieces. I have PLENTY of help lined up. My bouquet with have two different color roses in it and the bridesmaids will as well just smaller (8 roses total for bm%26#039;s). The flowers outside will be 4 vases with about 20-30 roses and greenery in them and three roses on the end chair in each row with a pink bow. I am just curious if anyone has done this before? ANY advice would be awesome. If so do you have any helpful hints? Also, how early before the wedding were your flowers delivered? Any advice on storing them etc. ?? Thanks for your help :)

P.S. I have already purchased the flowers through a wholesaler so there is no turning back! They are all roses by the way so atleast I don%26#039;t have alot of different flowers to work with.

Do it yourself wedding flowers!?
I did my own flowers and boutonnieres for my wedding in September. We ordered through a wholesaler ( and they turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It was just my mom and I who did them. This link ( really helped with tips.

Good luck! I%26#039;m sure they%26#039;ll turn out beautifully.
Reply:Store them in a refrigerator. Flowers need to be cold to keep fresh once cut. If you treat them gingerly they should be fine. Florist wire the heads to the stems so that if it breaks the head stays with the stem and doesn%26#039;t fall off. You have taken on quite a bit using fresh flowers. I hope your help comes through. The wholesaler should be able to tell you the very latest you can have them shipped so they will be fresh and you won%26#039;t have to store them long.

My husband and I are renewing our vows in our Church (we had a civil ceremony before). I am doing silks and have them all ready made, centerpieces etc. But that is the beauty of silk you can make them well in advance and storage isn%26#039;t a problem. They are less expensive as well. Below is my website.
Reply:First, realize that what your taking on is going to be challenging, however, it is not impossible. If you have decided to take this on, you must have a knack for doing crafts and things, I know you can do it. It is not that difficult.

Basically, what I would DEFINITELY go to a florist and purchase enough of these flowers to do two bouquets well ahead of the date of your wedding... and do a couple of %26#039;practice%26#039; bouquets.

This will do two things. First, it will give you some idea of the time and level of difficulty your going to face when you start to assemble the bouquets so you can multiply that by the amount of bouquets you have planned for the day of the wedding. Second, it will allow you to modify them, either to make them more elaborate or more simplified to suite your tastes. The information that the prep will give you will prove to be invaluable when you start counting down to the last days before your wedding.

Now, as far as the flower delivery time goes, the closer you can make it to the day of the wedding the better. With roses, you can keep them refrigerated and get them in bud form about three days before the wedding, which should allow plenty of time for assembly.

Make sure you have plenty of floral tape, vases for the bouquets, and all the stuff to actually %26#039;assemble%26#039; them. Don%26#039;t forget the flowers for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to wear. Don%26#039;t forget the booteniers for the guys as well. These things are expected. Also, some opt for flowers to put at the end of the isle on the church pews, (if you are in fact getting married in a church).

To assemble your flowers into a bouquet, you can find supplies at Wal-Mart, at a craft store, or at a florist. I suggest that you go onto and put out the word that you want old wedding bouquets that you can tear apart and repurpose for your bouquets. Many times you can save TONS of money by doing this. You will need to get floral tape to bind all the stems together. They do not have to be perfect, just pretty. The way you are doing this will be a HUGE money saver. AND... it will have the added benefit of your KNOWING that your florist will not be late, and that the flowers will be JUST the way you want them to be. Have fun with it. It is afterall, YOUR day.

HERE IS A WEBSITE...that depicts 8 basic types of floral arrangements. It tells you what to use to achieve the looks you desire using foam or floral tape to bind the arrangement together. If you want more websites, just go to your toolbars search engine and type in the words %26#039;How to floral arrangements%26#039;.... tons of sites will come up. (It is how I found this one.)

Congratulations on getting married, I wish you much joy and happiness in the future.... and GOOD for YOU for taking matters into your own hands... Literally. I love that you have that %26#039;Can Do%26#039; attitude!!!
Reply:I haven%26#039;t done it yet, but I am doing it, so I can%26#039;t help you much there.

All I can say is practice, practice, practice. When roses are on sale, pick them up at the grocery store and make a bouquet. It%26#039;s not as easy as it looks, but it%26#039;s not terribly difficult. Practice wrapping the stems with ribbon (I assume that%26#039;s what you are doing)...this is not a trivial task.

Simplify your designs as much as possible. You don%26#039;t want a whole bunch of stress on your rehearsal day and wedding day!!!
Reply:Hi. I think I answered your other question, but you must have changed it with this one.

YES...I have done this...but not bouquets. Bouquets will take a lot of work. Look online...there are step by step directions. Practice with some roses beforehand.

If you are having a Saturday wedding, have your flowers delivered on Thursday. It%26#039;s a LOT of work. You will need to unpackage them....cut the stems...put them in buckets of water with rose food.

They will need to be in a COOL/COLD place. Our wedding was in the summer and I have central it was no problem! You will get instructions that come with the flowers. You CANNOT put them in regular refrigerators. Only commercially grade refrigerators.

The flowers will not look that good at first...don%26#039;t freak out! You will need to do everything the DAY before...and then they may still not look that good. Keep them in water overnight...and then the morning of the will need to have someone wrap the stems with floral tape and then silk ribbon or whatever you are using to %26quot;hold%26quot; the bouquets!

Good luck!
Reply:enroll in a floristry course at your local TAFE

It is cheap to do and will give you a better idea of what you need to do.

And remember simple is better. not only will it look more effective but it will be easier and less stressfull. I am doing my flowers, simple gerberas tied together with a ribbon. Sounds boring but it looks really effective.

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Good potted flowers for spring?

Ok, I%26#039;m going to be perfectly honest - I%26#039;ve never planted a thing in my life. However, I%26#039;ve always had a secret desire to.

I live in an apartment, and there%26#039;s this empty flower pot on my patio just begging for something to be put in it. I figure I%26#039;ll start with that one, and if all goes well (I don%26#039;t kill the flowers), I%26#039;ll dabble a bit more.

Since I%26#039;ve never gardened, I guess I just need to know some basics. Mainly, what types of flowers (not plants, I%26#039;m really only into flowers) are good to be planted early spring. Also, any tips on what sort of soil to use would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Good potted flowers for spring?
There are lots of plants that you can grow in a pot. A pot of pansies would be nice for the rest of the winter months, if you can find any in your area this late in the season. You may have to wait until spring. An easy, no-fail plant that blooms all summer is petunias. There are what they call %26quot;Super-tunias%26quot; that get huge, up to 3 feet across and make wonderful haning baskets and potted plants. Geraniums are great also, easy to grow and bloom until frost. As soon as the plants come into the garden centers in the spring, go check out the new plants. Nursery and garden center employees love new gardeners and are more than willing to help you pick out something!
Reply:I love container growing and we have several.

For most flowers, you will need 4 to 6 hours of sun.

Click this link and read all the tips:

Happy gardening.
Reply:I love container growing too!

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Flowers for Thanksgiving?

My family invited my boyfriend to our Thanksgiving dinner and he wants to bring my mom flowers as a thank you. We%26#039;re already bringing pies and rolls but he wants to give her flowers as well. What type of flowers would work for such an occasion? Thanks!

Flowers for Thanksgiving?
A fall bouquet is always a nice addition. They are aranged and ready to go at most flower shops, grocery stores and Trader Joes.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Reply:Depends how much you want to spend... any florist can arrange Thanksgiving flowers, but the cost can be steep. If you%26#039;re on a budget, try your supermarket. They usually have bunches of beautiful fall flowers for a reasonable price.

Kudos for snagging such a thoughtful boyfriend!
Reply:If he wants to bring flowers for your mom that%26#039;s find and gracious of him. Because the flowers are for HER roses, other than red, should be a good choice.
Reply:A bouquet in fall colors, red orange and yellow flowers. I%26#039;m sure any florist would have something seasonal.
Reply:A fall bouquet is a wonderful idea. Try mums, asters, bleeding heart, pansies, etc...
Reply:Don%26#039;t bring flowers bring a fruit basket.
Reply:Any ones which do not have thorns on them.


Flowers for wedding?

I have always wanted white gerberas with the black centre for my wedding flowers.

Unfortunately because I am wearing a white dress I have been advised by my photographer and by my florist that the flowers will not photograph well becasue it will be white on white.

What flowers did you have for your wedding?

Flowers for wedding?
I saw this on a web site you might like it.

I had white silk flowers surrounded by lots of greenery and a few bright pink silk flowers
Reply:Our colours were lilac, pink, yellow and light teal. I had a European handtied bouquet of just a variety of beautiful flowers in all those colours - a few roses, carnations, stargazer lily, alstromeria, other lilies, etc.
Reply:I plan to have my bouquet be peachpink roses (sentimental value: my now fiance bought me a bouquet of peachpink roses when we were just friends, and then he filled the engagement location with peachpink roses for the proposal), and then have my women carry either pink gerberas or pink hydrangea wrapped in ribbon.

(our clothing colors are ocean blue and platinum)
Reply:Most flowers for the bride is white so there is no big deal just have them put greens around the edges and add small flowers of the colors of your wedding. I did all white flowers with little red roses for color with greens as the border to show it was heart shaped and my flowers showed up great.
Reply:My daughter used hot pink gerbera daisies for her wedding bouquet and the photos were absolutly beautiful. The hot pink against her white gown made such a picture-perfect contrast.
Reply:Have what you want If I ever get married I%26#039;m having gerbera%26#039;s
Reply:White on white. My colors were white and gold. Just make sure that the bouquet has enough greenery in it, and you%26#039;ll have no problems!!
Reply:Calla Lillies and blue Gerber Daisies, They were beautiful!
Reply:Nonsense! Go with the white Gerber%26#039;s, add some orchids and some soft pink Calla Lilies, and some highlights with maybe like very pale pink, light green or ivory or combination colors of all these soft hues of roses for a soft hue and insert green Ivy for filler and add silver or gold or crystal sprays of beads at random and adorn it with a silver or gold ribbon at the base and around the stems for a beautiful bouquet! Remember this is %26quot;Your%26quot; special day! Your suppose to have the things that are part of %26quot;your%26quot; dream day! Professionals are suppose to make suggestions of what would look best and give you advice on how to incorporate the things you like best so that it coordinates and that it%26#039;s presented in an elegant and classic way and not just tell you to change your plans%26quot;! Go with your likes and find people who are willing to make that special day happen for you surrounded with the things and those you love! Congrats and Good Luck!
Reply:i carried 2 trumpet lillies that were silk flowers and i took fabric paint in burgandy and painted the edges.
Reply:I had white and red gerbera daisies, but my dress was ivory...there is no such thing as a pure white gerbera daisy. They will be off white or cream colored....

What%26#039;s your other color? You can do both colors, maybe just a couple of the accent with mostly white daisies, and then for the bridesmaids do all the accent color....

Do what makes you happy though, don%26#039;t listen to some stupid photographer or;s your wedding.
Reply:i am getting married in jan next year and i will behaving my b/maids ivory so there flower will be with soft pinks and my flowers will be white and my dress is white. i will be including greenery. change your florist or tell her how u want it. and make sure she does it
Reply:You can do a couple things there, either do what you want and find out if they can digitally enhance the flowers, or ask the florist to lightly tint the edges with pink or blue or something. They can either spray it with flower paint, or put them in water with some food coloring for a day or two to tint the petals.
Reply:That is so dumb, just have the florist (a new one!!!) be sure to surround the periphery of the bouquet with greenery and accent with black ribbon bows or some other black thing which you find attractive. Honestly, if your florist can%26#039;t figure out how to make these flowers work for you, you need one who is actually creative!!!
Reply:i think you should still pick the gerberas in a different color. i had pink roses with gardenias.
Reply:I had white tulips against my white dress.
Reply:find a new flower person and a new photographer, there not creative enough. there are ways to do it.

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Flowers help?

I asked a question a few weeks ago about flowers, and someone answered me showing me they have glass hand blown roses with ribbons around it. It looked GORGEOUS! However the link to photobucket she sent me doesn%26#039;t work anymore and I can%26#039;t see who is was because I forgot to pick a best answer and it is in voting right now. Has anyone ever done this? or scene picks of it? The one she had was amazing and so elegant. Plus it would be perfect forever. Any ideas where to get this done or have pictures of it? PLEASE HELP! Or maybe some pics of your flowers so I can get some ideas. I have no clue yet what I want! my colors will either be oranges,pinks, red, and yellows, OR Jade and white bridesmaid dresses any ideas what colors would go well with that? Or last choice is silver with blue ribbons for girls dresses? I prefer to not have all white flowers... THANKS GUYS!

Flowers help?
Reply:I dont know when your wedding is but lavender, pink, yellow, red, orange, brown are good color here is a pic of the flowers i had done for mine and then i let my bridesmaids go pick there own dresses just told them to pick one in my colors then the guys wore dark blue jeans and white shirts it was a outside wedding.
Reply:The choice of flowers depends on the time of year you are getting married.

Do you have a college near you? Find out if they have a horticulture course in floral arranging. It is a good source to get custom designed work at a reasonable price. If the school competes, the floral team is always looking for ways to raise money - and doing weddings is one way for them to raise money.
Reply:All right. If you want to go with orange, yellow, pink and red, you could go with gerbera daisies. They are fairly cheap and they come in all of thos colors. I think they would look nice with the jade and white dresses if you go that route. If you decide on the silver and blue, I think you could narrow the flowers to a pink color or a yellow color, both would look nice.

Sorry, I don%26#039;t know about the glass rose.

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